Client and Family Stories

Mrs. S was a widow with a psychiatric history living alone in low-income housing without local family to oversee her care. A concerned, generous brother in California would send money to supplement her small Social Security income so she could enjoy a better quality of life.

When she began requesting increasingly larger sums, he suspected she may be mismanaging her funds. ElderCare Advocacy assessed her situation and found that she had beginnings of dementia, was unable to manage her personal, nutritional, and household chores and was “feeding” and “lending” her neighbors money as well.  The brother hired ElderCare Advocacy to provide Concierge Home Care to oversee Mrs. S’s health care, nutrition, and living situation.  Our Geriatric Care Manager made weekly visits, escorted her to doctor visits and was successful in keeping Mrs. S safely in her apartment for 10 years—including an escorted vacation to Florida. Upon her passing, we arranged for and were the only ones who could  attend her funeral.

Mrs. B was a childless widow living alone in her home and was reported to Adult Protective Services by concerned neighbors as she was knocking on doors begging for a slice of bread.

An attorney was appointed by the courts to determine if she could safely remain in her home, and our firm was hired to evaluate her mental, physical, household status and needs.  APS reported that her home was cluttered, unkempt, and unsanitary, froze her half million bank account, and recommended nursing home placement.

Our evaluation found that she had moderate dementia, was unable to manage her personal, nutritional and household needs, and was a hoarder saving steno pads dating back to the 50’s listing every item ever bought. Combing through her paperwork, we found letters from a former neighbor in prison who was extorting her for money for yard work never done.  The lawyer was successful in obtaining guardianship and used her assets to place her in a luxury Assisted Living facility with oversight of her care and improvement of her quality of life. Additionally, charges were brought against the already jailed neighbor, adding to his sentence.

Mr. L, a divorced, childless attorney was forced to retire due to Parkinson’s’ Disease. He had hired his own staff initially from aides he met while a resident of several nursing homes. He was paying premium rates for 3 shifts of staff unnecessarily. As his condition worsened, the aides were making medical decisions for him, paying their own salaries and misusing his funds for their own benefit.

A discharge nurse from a local hospital referred Mr. L to ElderCare Advocacy as he didn’t have family to oversee his care and his aides were unable to manage his needs correctly without professional oversight.  Prior to our provision of Concierge Home Care, Mr. L had frequent unnecessary ER visits and nursing home stays for minor health issues. Mr. L wanted to return home, and agreed to hire ElderCare Advocacy to oversee his care and needs.  We were successful in arranging for in-home PT, OT doctor visits, reducing the number of home attendants and home care costs, and more importantly,  preventing re-hospitalization for a year and a half.