My name is John LaFrese and my wife Dawn at an early age was battling Scleroderma. We have 2 children and it definitely was the toughest time of my life as my wife needed long term care. Rosemarie and her Staff got my wife the care that she needed by getting my wife Medicaid. It was such a relief to be able to make her comfortable and not worry about our finances. She also assisted us with my mom who had some serious health issues. Even thought they are both gone I am forever grateful for the assistance I received during that difficult time. Every time we had to re-certify her and her staff would assist me with that also.
John L.
I cannot say enough good things about Rosemarie Ruggero and her Assistant Danielle Murante. After having a terrible experience hiring an elder lawyer, I was advised by a friend to see an elder advocate. Rosemarie and Danielle couldn't do enough for us. They answer their own phones, so you always get to speak to them. They are efficient, organized, and most important kind. They returned all of our emails and calls immediately. My sister and I had many questions and problems and they handled them all. I highly recommend Rosemarie Ruggero if you want to get the job done in a timely fashion and with no stress!
Barbara D.
My name is Priscilla Basante. I became acquainted with Rosemarie Ruggero of Eldercare Advocacy in 2006, shortly after my Mom passed. As awful as it was to lose Mom, my dad had a stroke several months before and was in a nursing home when mom died that September…..tough times. In the meantime, my childhood home of 45 years sat unoccupied. The likely scenario to this story might have been: “Dad was in a nursing home for the last 6 years of his life. The cost of his care took his life savings and home.” (I’m not sure he would actually have lived that long in the nursing home.) With the assistance of one kind doctor in NYC, we got Dad out of the nursing home facility and back home. While I planned to get care for him there, I began to navigate how to arrange for that care, which would include Medicaid assistance. I quickly found that this would have left no money for groceries and utilities --- amongst other things. Luckily, I had the great fortune of being referred to Eldercare Advocacy by a special anonymous woman at Medicaid, who told me over the phone to contact Rosemarie Ruggero. The way she whispered it, I thought surely this was something illegal! I didn’t understand completely, but I contacted Eldercare. Apparently, the kind woman knew she could save us from eventually losing all of Dad’s assets……… AND afford his care. If only I could thank her today….! When I finally connected with Rosemarie, she guided us through the very complex process of getting all available and necessary resources in place for Dad. These included a lawyer who specialized in eldercare, a homecare agency, nurses and aids. But most importantly it would allow dad to live in the comfort of his own home (legally!) I must add that Dad was not an easy client at times, but somehow Rosemarie could manage that as well! Without Rosemarie’s help and while in the process of mourning my mother’s passing, with the responsibility of dad’s care --- from an entire state away --- surely this would be a completely different story. These times in ones’ life are so difficult to begin with and I dare not wonder how things might have unfolded had it not been for the “angel-woman” at Medicaid and the expertise of Rosemarie Ruggero. I am forever in their debt! I am happy and privileged to have referred friends to Rosemarie and be able to enjoy their success stories in managing the seemingly unmanageable with the help of Eldercare and Rosemarie Ruggero! Thank you Rosemarie!
Priscilla B.
I became a client of Eldercare Advocacy at one of the most difficult times in my life upon learning my mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia. To say that this diagnosis is overwhelming, is a vast understatement. After many sleepless nights of obsessive googling and trying to figure out the best next steps I could take, (as well as countless visits with various attorneys, all of whom gave conflicting information!), I stumbled upon Eldercare Advocacy and Rosemarie Ruggero. Just speaking with Rosemarie on the phone in our initial conversation gave me a feeling of confidence that my mother’s situation could be addressed in a way that would honor her wishes to remain in her home and keep her life as peaceful as possible. Rosemarie came to visit Mom at home for an initial assessment and was very professional and knowledgeable but was also caring and compassionate. I can’t stress enough that Eldercare Advocacy’s advice was the only solid advice that I received throughout this process. I was told what to expect in terms of benefits to Mom and my expectations were met and indeed exceeded. Working with Rosemary is like working with a knowledgeable friend or family member who has your loved one’s best interests at heart. I have recommended Eldercare Advocacy to friends and family many times since then without hesitation. The knowledge that the Eldercare Advocacy team brings to the very complicated world of Medicaid regulations is refreshing and comforting.
Dina L.